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A brief summation: we are a full-service office furniture store aimed at helping Plano businesses exceed their highest expectations.

Some people are wondering, “What exactly is a ‘full-service office furniture store?'” Thanks for wondering. We’re full-service, meaning selling new and used office furniture is just scratching the very surface of our services. Office Barn also provides office furniture delivery and on-site assembly, moving / relocation services, and even office space planning. So basically, we specialize in all things office furniture and provide our full range of products and services to every part of Plano. Don’t worry. We have you covered regardless of your office furniture needs, so this is it; office furniture salvation has arrived. Feel free to dive in.

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A 2,015 sq. ft. office space in Dallas, TX, costs about $3,274/mo. Plano office space is not for the financially destitute. And, once you have the space, how do you make it your office without breaking into the kids’ piggy banks? There’s an extensive, time-consuming answer, but the easy one is, “You call us.”

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There are few things on this good earth that rival in difficulty with moving to a new city. We sympathize, and we’ve attempted to make your transition a little sweeter.

Below you’ll find links to city data and some of our favorite places in Plano. Yes, we’re just that good.


The 1840s saw a change in the serenely rolling prairies of what is today known as Plano. Land grants were being passed out to eager settlers, pressing west into even the Mexican-owned Texas. Quickly, the bison, the grass, and the quiet was dispelled by the growth of a nation.

America was certainly growing, and it affected Plano. In 1845, Texas placed its lone star on the U.S. flag with 27 brother states, and from then on the winds of change hissed through the grasses of Plano.

By 1872, the Houston and Texas Central Railway snaked through Plano, linking the agricultural community to large markets such as Houston and Dallas. Cotton and cattle were raised in abundance in Plano, and the opportunities of commerce swelled the population of the town until it finally incorporated. The City of Plano was born in 1873.

Plano’s population reached 500 in 1874. Steadily, the city climbed higher. Disaster struck in 1881, however, and a fire rampaged through the business district, destroying 51 businesses.


It would have devastated any other city; Plano took the opportunity to improve its appearance. The smoldering remains of the older buildings were replaced with modern and beautiful offices. In the 1880s, Plano’s new appearance welcomed an abundance of trade, businessmen, and prosperity.

Plano clung to its agricultural roots until the 1970s. All of America was revolutionized by technology and industrialization. Plano bent under the commanding gale of technology, and found another avenue to excel in. By the end of the 1970s, Plano was one of the most quickly-growing cities in America. The city had compromised, and that compromise created the Plano we know today.

So, where is Plano in the early part of the 21st century? It is a historic city, keeping the charm that brought settlers to it initially. But it is also an emblem of the bright future that is cradled in the hopeful thoughts of every American. Today, Plano is home to over 271,000 citizens, with hundreds of businesses. Office Barn is ready to help you and your business to succeed by portraying the pride of Plano in your office.

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