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Best selection, customer service, prices! Got a U-shaped desk with hutch that fits my needs perfectly (for a home office) for less than just a smaller L-shaped desk at my local used-furniture store.


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Why “Get A Quote” Means “Get the Best Possible Price.”

There are a couple of reasons.

First, to make life easier for our clients, many of the products you see on our website ship already assembled. And that’s a good thing. But bulkier shipments also mean higher shipping costs. And that’s not a good thing.

The Office Barn “Get a quote” approach enables us to provide the best shipping rate available for your specific order. And that is a good thing.

Next, from larger home offices and small businesses to school districts and corporate offices, many of our clients buy in bulk. But customized product pricing doesn’t happen in a typical online checkout process. The prices simply are what they are.

The Office Barn “Get a quote” approach provides fully customized product prices, tailored to your specific needs and your specific situation.

And that’s why “Get a quote” means “Get the best possible price.”

In the end, we’re trying to make your experience with us on this order such that it secures your business with us on your next order.

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