Office Space Planning

Because optimized space facilitates optimal productivity.

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Efficiency and productivity are the common bond of every office. Study after study has shown that office design is a critical element in creating an efficient and productive work environment. For years, many of those same studies have shown that most businesses don’t do it well. Of course, that’s no problem for mega corporations like Google who have the financial resources to hire world-renown architects to create the ideal work environment. For the rest of us, though, creating an office environment that’s built for efficiency and productivity seems out of reach.



In the year 2000, an East Texas family founded Office Barn in an effort not merely to sell office products, but to add value to businesses, equipping them to do more of what they do, to do it better, and to do it in less time. The expression of this effort is what we call office space planning. Since that time, we’ve helped seemingly countless corporations and small businesses operate at productivity and efficiency levels they never imagined possible. The results are not only increased profit margins, but also fewer employee complaints and higher employee retention.


Who knew that office space planning could add that kind of value to businesses? In short, we did. Because our passion is helping business improve efficiency and productivity, we’ve spent a lots of time studying office design and lots of time bringing great designs to life. We’d love to put the fruit of that knowledge and labor to work for your business.