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Dry Erase Boards and WhiteboardsWho uses dry-erase boards?

Whether you’re in the classroom, at a board meeting, or brainstorming a project, dry-erase boards give you the space you need to get stuff done.

In the classroom, dry-erase boards give teachers the space to write for the whole class to see and the flexibility to quickly erase and move on to the next topic.

In the boardroom, dry-erase boards give team members the room they need to visually communicate ideas, brainstorm new projects, and solidify ideas.


Which dry-erase board material is best for me?

Dry-erase boards are available in the following materials, each of which have their own pros and cons:


Melamine / plastic whiteboards

Pros of melamine / plastic whiteboards:

  • They’re affordable
  • They’re lightweight
  • They’re available in magnetic or non-magnetic

Cons of melamine / plastic dry-erase boards:

  • They stain (aka “ghost”) easily.

Who may prefer melamine / plastic whiteboards:

  • Those with a tight budget
  • Those planning for light use
  • Those who don’t mind the look of a white rectangle


Porcelain dry-erase boards

Pros of porcelain dry-erase boards:

  • They’re more stain-resistant than melamine / plastic
  • They’re more durable than melamine / plastic
  • They’re available in magnetic or non-magnetic

Cons of porcelain whiteboards:

  • They’re more expensive than melamine / plastic
  • They’re heavy

Who may prefer porcelain dry-erase boards:

  • Those planning for heavier use
  • Those who don’t mind the look of a white rectangle


Glass whiteboards

Pros of glass whiteboards:

  • Since most glass dry-erase boards are frameless and transparent/see-through, they’re more of an eye-catcher than an eyesore
  • Because glass isn’t porous at all, glass whiteboards provide maximum stain-resistance
  • They’re available in magnetic or non-magnetic

Cons of glass dry-erase boards:

  • They can be more difficult to read in poor lighting
  • They’re expensive
  • They’re heavy

Who may prefer glass whiteboards:

  • Those who want to avoid ghosting/staining almost entirely
  • Those who want functionality without sacrificing style
  • Those planning for heavy use


Should I get a wall-mount or free-standing dry-erase board?

If you need/want the ability to move your board from room to room or simply change the viewing angle in the same room, then a free-standing dry-erase board is right for you. If, on the other hand, you plan for your whiteboard to remain stationary, then wall-mount is the way to go.

Here are some pros and cons of each:


Wall-mount dry-erase boards

Pros of wall-mount dry-erase boards:

  • They’re more sturdy than free-standing whiteboards
  • They’re less bulky than free-standing dry-erase boards
  • Generally speaking, they’re more attractive than free-standing whiteboards

Cons of wall-mount whiteboards:

  • Because they mount to the wall, moving them isn’t much of an option


Fee-standing whiteboards

Pros of free-standing whiteboards:

  • They’re mobile, giving you the ability to move your board from room to room
  • They’re height-adjustable
  • They can be rotated horizontally to accommodate any viewing angle
  • Some free-standing whiteboards are two-sided, which gives you the option to keep the info you have on one side while you flip and write on the other
  • They can be used as partitions / room dividers

Cons of free-standing dry-erase boards:

  • They’re less stable than wall-mount dry-erase boards
  • They’re more visible and bulky than wall-mount whiteboards


How do I clean a dry-erase board?

Dry-erase boards are designed to be easily cleaned/wiped off with an eraser or cloth made from microfiber, felt, or the like, but if you’re using a more porous board (e.g. melamine/plastic or even porcelain), you will want to keep whiteboard cleaning products on hand. If you’re using a glass whiteboard, then it’s unlikely that you’ll ever need anything other than an eraser or cloth.


Want help finding the right dry-erase board for you?

We offer a variety of new and used whiteboards. Have questions? You can reach us by phone, email, and/or chat. And yes, we ship across the continental United States. So, as you peruse, let us know how we can help.