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Office Barn is a full-service office furniture store whose goal is to help McKinney businesses attain the excellence they deserve.

Many people have asked us, “What exactly is a ‘full-service office furniture store?'” Here’s a brief definition. Full-service refers to the fact that selling new and used office furniture is merely scratching the surface of what Office Barn does. We also provide office furniture delivery and on-site assembly, moving / relocation services, and even office space planning. In other words, we specialize in all things office furniture and provide our full range of products and services to every part of McKinney. We have you covered regardless of your office furniture needs, so look no farther for office furniture perfection; we have arrived.

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A 4,060 sq. ft. office space in McKinney, TX, costs about $7,950/mo. McKinney office space is worth every cent you pay…but there are a lot of cents involved. Expenses increase when you realize that in order for the office to be truly your office, some planning must ensue. So, how do you create an office space that maximizes efficiency and keeps your hard-earned pennies in your pocket? Easy. Give us a call.

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Moving to a new city is always full of trials, so we’ve tried to eliminate a few of them.

Below you’ll find links to city data and some of our favorite places in McKinney. Enjoy!


Collin County was mostly a muddy wilderness in 1846, when it was sectioned off from Fannin County by the Texas government. The settlers who had come with William S. Peters to colonize the Mexican owned land back in 1841 watched as the rain pounded down around their cabins and settlements.

Word soon reached them that a new county seat was to be voted on for Collin County. Two patches of settled land were the options. One was near Sloan’s Grove, and is now known as Fairview. The land is now McKinney was selected as the second option.

Voting day rolled around, and the torrential rains continued. McKinney voters struggled through the mud to the polls. They voted, and some glanced around, squinting through the sheets of rain cascading around them. Where were the Sloan’s Grove voters?

In Sloan’s Grove, the settlers were staring helplessly at roaring streams and swift currents that stood between them and the polls. Only McKinney voters were able to make it, and as a result, McKinney was voted the county seat. The lucky town was established as the county seat on March 16, 1848.

McKinney was named after Collin McKinney, who helped write the Texas Declaration of Independence. The town was incorporated in 1849.

The major problem that settlers faced in McKinney during those few years was the rain. The soil was fertile and ready for agricultural activities, but transportation was never certain because the roads were so often eroded by the storms that passed over constantly. Thankfully, a solution was presented in 1872, in the Houston and Texas Central Railroad. The railroad offered a reliable transportation opportunity, which gave McKinney the push it needed to grow.

Like many southern towns, McKinney’s economy was cotton-centered. Other crops were present, but cotton was king. Because of this, there were also textile factories in McKinney by 1910.

McKinney’s prosperity prodded a growth of diverse architecture in the city. Most of the historical buildings found in downtown and scattered through the city were built in the 1890s.

Today, McKinney is the prosperous seat of Collin County, with a collection of businesses supporting the economy and adding to the modernization woven into McKinney’s preserved historical culture. Office Barn is proud to work with McKinney offices to represent their stellar city.
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