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The definition of Office Barn: a full-service office furniture store aimed at seriously making Canton businesses excel.

So, “What exactly is a ‘full-service office furniture store?” Well, here’s another definition: selling new and used office furniture is just the beginning of what we do. Office Barn also offers you office furniture delivery and on-site assembly, moving / relocation services, and even office space planning. In other words, we specialize in all things office furniture and provide our full range of products and services to every part of Canton, so don’t stress about that one cabinet or how you’re going to move office before the lease is up; we got you. It’s what we’re here for.

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A 900 sq. ft. office space in Canton, TX, costs about $1,000/mo. Although this is a good deal, it is still a good deal that leaves you with only an empty room and innovative ideas that will cost much more than the room itself to execute. So, how do you create an office space that maximizes efficiency and pads the bottom line? There’s a lengthy answer, but the short one is, “You call us.”

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Moving to a new city is always a pain, so we’ve decided to try and make your transition a little sweeter.

Below you’ll find links to city data and some of our favorite places in Canton. Enjoy!


In the 1850s, the first settlers in Canton moved in from Old Canton in Smith County. They established a district courthouse, and the county’s fourth post office in 1850.

1872 saw the Texas and Pacific Railway chugging its way through Texas. The engine’s path missed Canton by ten miles. This fact made it clear to another beginning town, Wills Point, that the time to act was now. They demanded that, as closer in proximity to the railroad, they deserved to be the county seat.

The records were moved, inspiring a furious protest from Canton citizen in 1877. They stormed to Wills Point, armed, and demanded the records. The county judge wired the current governor (Richard B. Hubbard) for help, and the governor appealed to the Supreme Court of Texas. The Supreme Court decided in favor of Canton, and the records were moved back to the original district courthouse.

Canton so distrusted Wills Point after this episode, however, that they built a different stop for the railroad named Edgewood, constructing the extension to meet up with the larger railroad themselves.

Part of the reason that Canton defended their rights to the district courthouse so fiercely was because of the commerce that it brought them. Every first Monday, the circuit judge would stop in Canton and hold court, and all the cases of the past month would be decided. People often brought goods to trade, and rumor has it that wild horses were even traded at these First Mondays.

Canton’s culture developed around every First Monday (sometimes Hoss Monday, because of the horses) trading day, and even now that day of unity, commerce, and social gathering is preserved and appreciated by Canton and other cities around Texas.

Canton gained fame when the Texas governor, James S. Hogg, formerly of Canton, was elected in 1880. A decade after this, Canton’s population had reached 421. In 1896, this had almost doubled, at an even 800.

Canton received a shock of infamy when the notorious bank robbers Bonnie and Clyde arrived in the town, setting up shop in the newly built Dixie Hotel. By then the population had decreased again, however, and seeking for greater opportunities, the two criminals vanished into popularity once again.

In 1919, the world was officially introduced to the City of Canton. The city prospered, even during the Great Depression, because of the discovery of the profitable Van oilfield in 1929.

In 1970, Canton boasted of eighty-six businesses. By 1990, the population had reached around 3,000 residents.

Today, Canton is a prospering city, with flourishing businesses, one of which is yours. Office Barn is proud to offer our products to your business, and we are ready to help you represent the history of Canton with the décor of a well-done office.

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