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In short, we are a full-service office furniture store aimed at faithfully making Bossier City business offices look as good as they possibly can.

So, “What exactly is a ‘full-service office furniture store?'” many of our customers wonder. Luckily, we happen to be experts on that very subject. Full-service refers to the fact that selling new and used office furniture is just the beginning of our work to improve your office. Office Barn also provides office furniture delivery and on-site assembly, moving / relocation services, and even office space planning. In other words, we specialize in all things office furniture and provide our full range of products and services to every part of Bossier City, including your office. We have you covered regardless of your office furniture needs. We’re ready for your office to become what you’ve always wanted it to be. Are you?

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An office space in the Heart of Bossier Commercial Center can cost up to $10.50 per sq. ft. per year. Translation: Bossier City office space is not exactly free. And once you’ve paid for your office, how do you change a desolately empty room into an efficient, good-looking office without annihilating your budget limitations? There’s a lengthy answer, but the short one is, “You call us.”

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Moving to a new city is a grueling task, even with all the professional help we supply for your office. Getting to know Bossier City can be difficult for a newcomer, so we’ve decided to help.

Below you’ll find links to city data and some of our favorite places in Bossier City. No need to thank us; it’s just part of being amazing.


The fresh breeze of the Red River has blown over many changes in the Bossier City area. The fertile land was a plantation in the 1830’s, belonging to James and Mary Cane. Steamboats shipped goods from ‘Cane’s Landing’ to various settlements.

With the coming of the Civil War, Cane’s Landing was used by Confederate soldiers as a place to set off in steamboats down the Red River. It was also surrounded by several military embankments and Fort Smith loomed close to where Bossier City High School stands today. The little settlement was an advantage to the Confederate Army, and for the first time was introduced to military establishments.

Many settlers on their way to explore the western United States passed through Bossier City, and some were so attracted by the excellent soil and mild climate that they went no further along the harrowing journey they had set out to endure. What was the point of trekking hundreds of miles into the wilderness when they had found a piece of paradise by the Red River?

Anna B. Stockwell, the granddaughter of James and Mary Cane, saw the potential of the slowly growing settlement to become a flourishing riverfront city. She encouraged settling in the plantation her grandparents had owned, selling lots and increasing transportation.

Railroads, like the Vicksburg, Shreveport and Pacific Railroad, the north-south Shreveport and Arkansas Railroad, and the Louisiana-Arkansas Railroad were built through Bossier City, marking the town as a future center of activity.

In the 1900’s, Bossier City boomed with the rest of America as ‘black gold’, or oil, was discovered. Several international oil companies found crude oil in Bossier City, and have stayed there ever since.

Barksdale Field, the home of a National Guard air squadron, was officially dedicated in 1928. It has since been renamed Barksdale Air Force Base. The Barksdale Air Force Base, home to the Eighth Air Force, has always had great social and economic influence on Bossier City. The city is proud to serve their country by hosting the ‘mighty’ Eighth Air Force.

The 1900’s was also when Bossier City’s name was first decided upon. It took many revisions and renewals, and the town went from ‘Cane’s Landing,’ to ‘Canesville,’ to ‘the Village of Bossier City,’ to ‘the Town of Bossier City,’ where it rested briefly. But post offices would not recognize the Town of Bossier City as a city, and refused to deliver mail to them. Finally, to make it all perfectly clear, the city decided on the name we know today that stands no trifling: the City of Bossier City. It can be no clearer than that.

Today, the City of Bossier City is large and thriving. The many riverside casinos and resorts draw tourism, and the Barksdale Air Base gives Bossier City pride and stature. Many international ways of transport cross through Bossier City. The city has adapted and shifted over the years in order to become what it is today: a proud Louisiana city with a good economic system and importance in America. Your business is a part of the enterprise that makes the City of Bossier City wonderful. We can help your office’s presentation live up to that standard. Our furniture is here; we’re ready. It’s up to you.

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