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In short, we are a full-service office furniture store aimed at actually helping Arlington offices reach their full potential.

Many people have asked us, “What exactly is a ‘full-service office furniture store?'” We have an answer. Office Barn is full-service in that selling new and used office furniture is just the beginning of what we do. We also provide office furniture delivery and on-site assembly, moving / relocation services, and even office space planning. To make a long story short, we specialize in all things office furniture. We’re ready to provide Arlington with our full range of products and services. We have you covered regardless of your office furniture needs, so don’t worry. We’re right here. Just call when you need us.

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A 2,268 sq. ft. office space in Arlington, TX, costs about $2,835/mo. Arlington office space is expensive. And, with a reasonable budget limit almost all wasted on just the space, how do you turn it into your perfect office? There’s a lengthy answer, but the short one is, “You call us.”

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Moving to a new city is stressful, even with all the assistance we offer. We understand and we’re ready to help.

Below you’ll find links to city data and some of our favorite places in Arlington. Have fun exploring this phenomenal city!


The City of Arlington has been many things over the years. It was first the home of the Caddo Indians, though settlers began trickling into the area in the 1840s. In 1841, after a skirmish between General Edward H. Tarrant and the Native Americans of Village Creek, a trading post was established in the area that is present-day Arlington.

The rich soil of the area drew settlers to the trading post, and by the time the nineteenth century was drawing to a close, several agriculture businesses were increasing Arlington’s growth and status.

The actual city of Arlington was originally named Hayter, for the Presbyterian minister Andrew Hayter who surveyed the area for the Texas and Pacific Railway company. It was established with an eye towards the surrounding farms, as a place for them to bring their produce and send it on the railroad to bigger markets. Hayter was founded in 1875, and then renamed Arlington in 1877 after Civil War General Robert E. Lee’s house in Virginia.

Arlington grew in population and business in the time before World War II. In 1910, the city had electricity, a public school system, natural gas, and telephone services. The population in 1925 was about 3, 031.

In 1933, the Arlington Downs racetrack was built, as a beginning for Arlington’s present day status as a tourist destination. The nearby railroad furthered the cause by providing visitors with a quick and easy way to reach Arlington.

After World War II, Arlington experienced the effects of urban sprawl as thousands of homes for the returning soldiers were constructed on agricultural land. The city’s turning away from farming became official in 1951, when the Bell Helicopter Plant and the General Motors assembly plant welcomed many employees to their facilities in the area.

Since the 1950s, Arlington has had a population growth spurt due to automotive and aerospace development. Today, the City of Arlington is a major tourist attraction, hosting the Six Flags Over Texas amusement park and many other entertainment areas.

Arlington businesses have been favored with a great city to prosper in. We, as faithful supporters of Arlington offices, enjoy seeing the growth of your city. Office Barn wants to help your business be a wonderful representation of the large and flourishing city that is Arlington.

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