Superior Safe Untouchable UT-55


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Superior Safe Untouchable UT-55

Superior’s Triple Step™ Door

The Untouchable is the strongest, most secure safe made by Superior Safe Company which makes it one of the strongest, most secure safes made by anyone. Each Untouchable safe is hand-built one at a time with the finest American-made materials. The numerous safety features of the UT-55 result in a safe that not only meets the UL Residential Security Container (RSC) certification standards but also the more rigorous Class B safe standards. A Class B safe must have a minimum 1/2″ thick solid steel door and 1/4″ thick solid steel walls on all five sides. This means that the UT-55 is substantially more protected than a normal RSC certified safe.

It begins with a heavy steel foundation formed from 1/4″ carbon steel plate. Then the top and bottom caps are double MIG welded. Add to that a Triple-Step™ door which is 5 3/4″ thick with an outer shell of solid 1/2″ thick steel, external ball bearing hinges, and a 10-gauge full inner steel. Like the door itself, the boltworks for the UT-55 are engineered for maximum security. Massive bolt carriages, a pinion-driven radial gear, and equalizers with substantial linkage combine to create a four-way system called the Hell-Bender™ that even the best locksmiths have a “hell of a time” getting into it. The Untouchable’s door houses several sophisticated defense systems to thwart attacks. Multiple re-locking systems, including Superior’s own Auto-Relock™ and Glass-Guard™, provide additional lines of defense against any attempts at forced entry. From steel to gear, the UT-55 is engineered to keep intruders out.

Superior Safe Untouchable UT-55 (platinum)

The Bank Box™ Storage System

And it doesn’t only protect against intrusion. The UT-55 has three fire seals and four layers of fire insulation which give it the highest fire rating in the industry. Lower quality safes with thinner metal will distort and fail in a fire. But the UT-55’s Double-Steel Door Casement™ and complete insulation coverage will keep your valuables safe in 1865º for up to 110 minutes. It’s not only the most secure safe, it is one of the most attractive. With stylish classic lines, two-tone hand-applied finishes, and a custom five-spoke handle, the UT-55 is a work of timeless attraction. And the exclusive Bank Box™ system provides the perfect storage for important files and documents. As with every safe made by Superior, you get a lifetime warranty which covers the material and craftsmanship.

Additional information

Weight 2125 lbs
Dimensions 46 × 30 × 73 in
Active Bolts

24 – 1½"

Cubic Feet

Outer Shell Thickness


Door Steel Thickness


Gun Count

58 / 49 with Bank Box™ Storage Drawers

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