Superior Safe Supreme SU-45


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Superior Safe Supreme SR-45

The Double-Steel Door Casement™ quadruples the strength of the door opening

Superior Safe Supreme SU-45

Why sacrifice security for elegance? With the Supreme Series from Superior Safe Company, you don’t have to. The SU-45 has all the hallmarks of the strongest safes. It has a massive Triple-Step™ door that sits in a Double-Steel Door Casement™ and houses multiple relocking systems like Superior’s Auto-Relock™ and Glass-Guard™ systems. It’s body is pressure formed from 3/16″ American-made carbon steel giving it 16 times the strength of imported light-weight safes. The Glass-Guard™ relocking system comes with Remote Relockers attached, and these relockers are placed at random places for each safe. When these systems are activated the boltworks will automatically lock up which makes it exceptionally difficult to break into the safe. The boltworks itself is formidable. The SU-45 uses a radial gear for for drive so that the door has unsurpassed smoothness and strength. Additionally, the four-way active boltwork drives 20 1 1/2″ bolts through all four sides of the door for complete security.

No security would be complete without protection from fire. That’s why the SU-45 incorporates the best fire defense measures for an unsurpassed 1865º, 110 minute fire rating. It has three fire seals around the door opening and four layers of type-X fire insulation and. The Double-Steel Door Casement™ on the SU-45 quadruples the strength of the door opening so that it resists distortion in a fire and ensures your investments are safe.

Superior Safe Supreme SR-45 (interior)

The Standard Interior for Superior Safes

The SU-45 resists prying, punching, and drilling with the best. But it has all the refinements you expect from a luxury product. With a rich velour interior and motion activated LED lighting, the SU-45 is perfect for rare coins, precious metals, jewelry, and important documents. Your valuables are investments. Give them the best protection. As with every safe made by Superior, the SU-45 has earned a UL Residential Security rating and comes with a lifetime warranty covering the material and craftsmanship. If you want total protection for your most important valuables without sacrificing a classically elegant appearance, the SU-45 is for you.

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Weight 1525 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 67 in

Active Bolts

16 – 1½"

Cubic Feet

Outer Shell Thickness


Door Steel Thickness


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