Superior Safe Super Short SS-9


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Superior Safe Super Short SS-9

The SS series has a multi-layer, reinforced door for serious security.

Superior Safe Super Short SS-9

Sometimes great things come in small packages. The SS Series, for “short and secure”, has many of the same features as Superior’s larger safes but in a more compact design. This makes the SS-9 a miniature fortress inside your home.
The SS series starts with high-quality 12-gauge steel composited into 1-3/8″-thick walls. The Double-Steel Door Casement™ provides a reinforced opening for the high security door. The SS-9’s door has up to 180° of door opening and extra rigidity because of its external ball-bearing hinges. A three-spoke handle with a slip clutch ensures that excessive force on the handle doesn’t damage the locking mechanisms.

The four-way active boltworks drive eight, 1″-Diameter Bolts on Roughneck™ bolt guides through all four sides of the door. This keeps the door secure and the Double-Steel Door Casement™ provides superior resistance to prying attempts. The SS Series also uses a Sargent & Greenleaf® Dial Lock, and Diamond-Embedded Armor Plate™ Superior’s Auto-Relock™ System. These sophisticated defensive systems ensure that attempts to break into the safe are both difficult and likely to lock the door into place automatically.

The interior of the SS-9 features velour covered shelves and ample space for storing valuables. With a double layer of fire insulation and heat-expanding fire seal the SS-9 has a fire rating of 1350° for 60-minutes. The Double-Steel Door Casement™ also provides extra strength to the door opening which prevents distortion in case of a fire. With a solid steel foundation, Superior engineering, and sophisticated defensive systems, the SS-9 is a premium safe in a small space. As with every safe made by Superior, the SS-9 has earned a UL Residential Security rating and comes with a lifetime warranty covering the material and craftsmanship.

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Weight 275 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 22.5 × 30 in

Active Bolts

8 – 1"

Cubic Feet

Outer Shell Thickness

12 ga.

Door Steel Thickness




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