Superior Safe Master SM-40


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Superior Safe Master SM-40

The Master Series is Superior Safe Company’s best-selling safe. The SM-40 has the right combination of security, fire protection, style and enduring value. It’s simply excellent craftsmanship.

Superior Safe Master SR-30

The Superior Double-Step™ door sits perfectly in a reinforced door opening.

The Master’s first line of defense is its body and door construction. The SM-40 is almost 6 times stronger than the lightweight 14-gauge box store safes. This is because its body is pressure formed from 10-gauge steel and features a Double-Steel Door Casement™. The 5/8″ corner radius bend on the SM-30 provides distinctive styling and increases the overall strength of the safe. It also features a Double-Step™ door with 3/8″ of steel thickness, 1/4″ outer steel plus a 12-gauge inner steel plate. The edge is increased to 1/2″ thickness with multi-layer reinforcements which increase the door strength. The well-crafted steel makes Master safes approximately 38 times stronger than other lightweight containers.

The craftsmanship of the Master Series isn’t just on the outside, it’s in everything you can’t see. The SM-40 has a classic five-spoke handle with slip clutch that prevents damage to the lock from excessive pressure. The Door-Detent™ System prevents damage to the internal mechanisms by preventing the bolts from moving while the safe is open. The SM-40 houses state-of-the-art door defense systems including: Diamond-Embedded Armor Plate™ lock protection, a Cam-Lock™ pressure reliever, a mechanical relocking system, and a full inner door steel. The 1 1/2″ diameter door bolts run on Superior’s Roughneck™ Bolt Guides and combine to make a four-way active system that secures the door on all four sides. Three layers of fire insulation and two fire seals give the SM-30 a fire rating of 1650° for 90 minutes which is unsurpassed in its class. The Master Series is a masterwork of security, whether accidental or intentional, it’s safe from damage.

The interior of the SM-40 also shows an exceptional attention to detail. It has a plush velour lining, motion sensing LED lighting, and a deluxe door organizer which brings the capacity of the SM-40 up to 36 guns. As with every safe made by Superior, the SM-40 has earned a UL Residential Security rating and comes with a lifetime warranty covering the material and craftsmanship.

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Weight 925 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 26.5 × 66.5 in


Active Bolts

16 – 1½"

Cubic Feet

Outer Shell Thickness

10 ga.

Door Steel Thickness


Gun Count


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