Superior Safe Ironside SI-22


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Superior Safe Ironside SI-22

Why is it called the Ironside? Because it has more steel than anything in its class. The Ironside Series by Superior Safe Company uses the best American-made steel and sophisticated defense systems to provide premium features you would only expect from more expensive safes.

The SI-22’s body is pressure formed from American-made 12-gauge steel This steel is almost 3 times stronger than 2 mm or 14-gauge steel used in most China-built or lightweight American containers. With a multi-layer 7/16″ edge reinforcement and a 10-gauge steel plate, the door is also ruggedly constructed. The door opening is also reinforced with Superior’s Double-Steel Door Casement™. The heavier steel used in the body and door gives the SI-22 a superior, pry-resistant steel foundation.

Superior Safe Ironside SI-22

Superior’s Diamond-Embedded Armor Plate™ provides ultimate protection from intrusion.

There’s not just quality steel to the Ironside though. The SI-22 has many security features found only on more expensive safes. It uses a Sargent & Greenleaf® Group II Dial Lock, a three spoke handle with a slip clutch, a door detent system, and Superior’s Auto-Relock™ System. These protect the door and lock from any accidental or intentional damage. So your belongings are completely protected. The SI-22’s four-way active boltworks and Diamond-Embedded Armor Plate™ mean that the 12 1″ bolts secure to all four sides of the door for total security.

Inside the SI-22, you’ll find a plush velour interior. A deluxe door organizer and high-capacity gun-rack bring its total gun storage to 28. Two layers of fire insulation and a heat-expanding fire seal give the SI-22 a one-hour 1350° fire rating. It’s a steel fortress you’ll be proud to own for many years. As with every safe made by Superior, the SI-22 comes with a lifetime warranty covering the material and craftsmanship.

Additional information

Weight 550 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 23.5 × 60.25 in

Active Bolts

12 – 1"

Cubic Feet

Outer Shell Thickness

12 ga.

Door Steel Thickness

10 ga.

Gun Count


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