Superior Safe Super Short SS-9

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Superior Safe Super Short SS-9

The SS series has a multi-layer, reinforced door for serious security.

Sometimes great things come in small packages. The SS Series, for “short and secure”, has many of the same features as Superior’s larger safes but in a more compact design. This makes the SS-9 a miniature fortress inside your home.
The SS series starts with high-quality 12-gauge steel composited into 1-3/8″-thick walls. The Double-Steel Door Casement™ provides a reinforced opening for the high security door. The SS-9’s door has up to 180° of door opening and extra rigidity because of its external ball-bearing hinges. A three-spoke handle with a slip clutch ensures that excessive force on the handle doesn’t damage the locking mechanisms.

The four-way active boltworks drive eight, 1″-Diameter Bolts on Roughneck™ bolt guides through all four sides of the door. This keeps the door secure and the Double-Steel Door Casement™ provides superior resistance to prying attempts. The SS Series also uses a Sargent & Greenleaf® Dial Lock, and Diamond-Embedded Armor Plate™ Superior’s Auto-Relock™ System. These sophisticated defensive systems ensure that attempts to break into the safe are both difficult and likely to lock the door into place automatically.

The interior of the SS-9 features velour covered shelves and ample space for storing valuables. With a double layer of fire insulation and heat-expanding fire seal the SS-9 has a fire rating of 1350° for 60-minutes. The Double-Steel Door Casement™ also provides extra strength to the door opening which prevents distortion in case of a fire. With a solid steel foundation, Superior engineering, and sophisticated defensive systems, the SS-9 is a premium safe in a small space. As with every safe made by Superior, the SS-9 has earned a UL Residential Security rating and comes with a lifetime warranty covering the material and craftsmanship.

Additional information

Weight 275 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 22.5 × 30 in
Active Bolts

8 – 1"

Cubic Feet

Outer Shell Thickness

12 ga.

Door Steel Thickness




Logo Color

Black, Gold, Silver

Lock Type

La Gard Electronic Lock, S&G Electronic Lock, S&G Mechanical Lock

Lock Color

Chrome, Black Chrome, Gold

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