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With Tiles™, Friant offers a frame and tile system with enhanced structural integrity, ease of installation, and unlimited design possibilities.

We have upgraded this solid steel frame and tile system for enhanced durability, longevity and easy reconfiguration. Tiles offers a superior sound experience with full accoustical tiles that are also tackable. Power and data are available at beltline or baseline, with a large cable lay-in capability. Available in a variety of sizes and materials to allow for creative freedom in designing all your workspaces.

Tiles is a frame and tile system with easy installation and reconfiguration, available in multiple finish options for maximum design flexibility. Constructed of a one-piece welded frame and draw rod, this system also offers acoustical and tackable fabric panels and power available at both baseline and beltline. With six tile materials — fabric, glass, perforated metal, whiteboard, tool rail and laminate — Tiles is our most flexible systems product for interior designers and complex space planning needs. Offered at Friant’s signature pricepoint, it’s also back up with a lifetime warranty to its original owner.


  • One piece all-welded frame and draw rod connection ƒ
  • 6 materials to mix and match: glass, whiteboard, perforated metal, fabric, rail tile, laminate ƒ
  • Frameless glass available ƒ
  • Electrical and data available at both beltline and baseline, with lay-in capability ƒ
  • Full acoustical tiles for improved superior NRC (noise reduction coefficient) and improved end-user experience ƒ
  • Tackable surface on fabric tiles ƒ
  • Easy to install and reconfigure ƒ
  • Available in several frame heights ƒ
  • Load-bearing panels allow for stack on and overhead additions ƒ
  • Both electrical and panel are UL approved ƒ
  • Meets or exceeds ANSI/BIFMA standards



  • Pre-installed 8-wire, 4 20-amp circuits for power at the baseline or beltline ƒ
  • Capacity for two duplex outlets per panel side on all panels wider than 24” ƒ
  • Hinged base covers for quick and easy access to electrical harnesses and telecommunications cables ƒ
  • Ceiling feed or base panel access

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